What is XENEX Design?

The company XENEX Design was established in 2014 as a sister company of the construction company XENEX s.r.o. Because our customers have long demanded not only constructions as such, but comprehensive services including interiors , we decided to meet the market demand and come up with a new team specializing in interior design and installations.

We focus on finishing the constructions inside so that they are ready for use after handover but also for design and realization of interiors , that are not part of our construction sites.

The reason why

  • smooth realization of the projects
  • meeting the deadlines
  • fixed price calculation
  • local and foreign suppliers
  • ongoing communication with the client
  • precision and innovation
  • quality / price ratio
  • all under one roof

Who are our clients

  • companies
  • cities
  • villages
  • private persons
  • end users
  • commercial buildings (hotels, restaurants, bars, sport facilities etc.)
  • family houses

Where do we work?

England, Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Austria, France, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands