Interior as a turn key solution service

What can we do for you in cooperation on your interior? You can choose either individual services or turnkey solution.

Our services

Complete furnishing
interior from A to Z
Consultations with experts
on interior
Price calculation
of project
Design and visual concept
of interior
Selection of furniture,
material and technology
Project development
for interior design
Delivery and installation
of furniture

How will it be done?

If you decide to go with us to realize your interior, you will have a complex process through which we have gone through countless times and we have tuned it in detail. This will be provided like this:

The vision and proposal of design

You come to us with an idea of how you want your interior to look and we will come to you with a design. Our architects will materialize your assignment into specific visualizations that we will consult with you several times until you are sure that this is exactly what you want.

Price calculation

Once we know exactly what you want, we can also tell you how much it will cost. On the basis of the project we will prepare an exact price calculation, which includes not only the design but also the analysis of the work needed to complete the interior and the price of all necessary materials, furniture and technology.


We will transform the initial design into a final implementation project, which will be elaborated in detail by our internal experts from various departments. In addition to the implementation notes for the final visualization, the project also includes a list of works and materials needed to realize your interior.


As soon as you approve the price calculation, we begin the actual implementation. From selected and verified suppliers we provide the necessary materials, from the smallest items to the most important ones. We supervise the production, import everything and finally install it.

Hand over of the work

Part of the turnkey interiors, if necessary (e.g. during reconstruction) is also the preparation of space for equipment. It can be e.g. dismantling of old furniture or minor demolition and construction work. At the end of the day you will always get the final interior from us, where you can just enter and enjoy it fully.